Pilates at our studio

Pilates is a kind of exercise with an emphasis on developing strength, flexibility, and endurance of the whole body. We provide Pilates classes as well as individual training.

Pilates has many benefits. It’s a great form of exercise to help stabilize the spine and focus in on correct body mechanics, which is great for general injury prevention and body conditioning. It’s also an excellent way recover from lower back pain.

No Pilates available at the moment

We aren’t offering a Pilates class right now. Are you interested? Get in touch.

2015: Morning Pilates (beginner) class starting in the fall

Mondays and Fridays, 6:30am to 7:30am
To be determined

  • Runs for six weeks
  • Has an emphasis on lower back pain (LBP)
  • Comes with an initial personal screening and teaching of the five key elements
  • four person maximum
  • If the Pilates doesn’t wake you up there’s a coffee shop next door to help you into the rest of your day

A little about lower back pain (LBP)

Up to 80% of adults can suffer from LBP. Mostly this will ease in 2-3 months but the chances that the pain will return are very high and most people will experience their symptoms again within a 12 month period.

Several things happen to the body when you have LBP;

  • Deep stabilization muscles of the spine switch off
  • There’s an initial protective global muscle spasm
  • Muscles not being used decrease in size
  • Overall total protection of the spine decreases

The thing to remember is that recovery from this is not automatic – you need to get the deep stabilization muscles switching on again. This is where Pilates can be valuable. Although it’s not beneficial for immediate relief of an initial injury, or problem, it can help decrease the recurrence rate and it has also been shown to ease chronic LBP.

For interested beginners who haven’t experienced LBP, fear not

Classes at our clinic will start with an initial personal screening and teaching of the 5 key elements so that when the classes start you will know what centering/setting your shoulder blades/lateral breathing are.