The framework to continue to heal

After being treated by Ashley Fradette at Arbutus, I felt the need to come back and edit my previous review.

Ashley is without a doubt, the best physiotherapist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Ashley’s welcoming and warm demeanour meant that coming to physio was always a highlight of my day. In addition to that, she would take the time to explain her methods of treatment in easily understandable terms.

I initially came to Ashley with foot pain that was resistant to all treatment, I could barely walk for years – which meant that I couldn’t continue my previously active lifestyle. Because of this, I had gained some weight – and then most doctors had told me that my foot pain was due to the weight gain and wrote me off.

Ashley listened when I told her that the weight gain was a symptom of my pain – I haven’t been able to do much of anything for a few years. She said, after doing some tests, that she didn’t think the pain was originating in my foot, and was likely connected to the nerves or tendons connecting to my foot.

When I told her that my foot pain had gotten better with some stretching of the hips and back, she moved to treating my back, which nobody else had ever done before. Ashley would take the time after she was done work to email me and ask how things were going. It feels like she really cares about her clients, in addition to being very knowledgeable.

I’m happy to say that I am now pain-free with regards to my foot and back. Ashley has given me the framework to continue to heal – and hopefully return to my passions of running, squash and lifting weights.

I can’t recommend Ashley and the rest of the team at Arbutus enough – and I know if I am in pain in the future, I won’t hesitate to come back.

Braeden Parrott