Up-to-date on latest evidence based research

“I had a physiotherapy appointment with Lena Walther for a longstanding minor shoulder issue. She had great communication skills/rapport and made me feel comfortable while simultaneously taking COVID precautions. Very thorough history ruling out red flags despite it being a minor ailment.

Lena asked about how the condition actually played a role in my life and did find out/enquire that I’m a health care worker. She gave me appropriate info with simple explanations but also respectable for my educational level.

My range of motion/strength were checked and she explained everything she did and always communicated before she touched or did anything that could be considered invasive such as a subscapularis release. She also provided other physical therapy and massage in the initial 40 minute session.

She gave me lots of exercises/homework to do since that’s what I wanted. She reduced the number of unnecessary follow ups since she was so efficient which saved me both time and money. I feel confident now applying my knowledge from the sessions to incorporate stretches and improve my condition.

I would recommend Lena Walther to anyone who is very motivated to want to get better/take ownership of their health and especially to those who are busy or would prefer less unnecessary follow ups unlike other physios I’ve encountered in Vancouver trying to make as much money as possible. She’s a recent UBC MPT grad and is up-to-date on latest evidence based research which was also a huge plus, I booked on random chance since she had the best availability but that may change soon!”

Rakin Jamal