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A brown and white dog's head and front paws are at the forefront and to the left and a woman's legs are in the back in blue runners. They are on green grass with a bright blue sky. The photo was taken at Dallas road in Victoria.

Doggies at Dallas!

Training on Dallas road with a runner’s best friend! #choosetomove #yyj #thisisvic #findyourhappy #dallasroad

A man near clover point with a large blue, green, yellow, and red kite or sail about to go flying!

So cool!

Choose to move Victoria!

This image shows an ocean view on a sunny day, and to the right is a woman coming into the shot on a paddle board.

Active in the harbour!

View this post on Instagram Great day to be active in the harbour. #choosetomove #victoriabc #yyj #Songhees #paddleboarding A post shared by Arbutus Physiotherapy & Health (@arbutusphysio) on Sep 12, 2015 at 11:56am PDT

A woman is standing on the beach at sunset with her arms stretched towards the sky in Mountain Pose.

Choose to move!

Here’s to the movers and shakers!

Two people in ninja poses on the shore of a rocky beach, and it looks like late afternoon.

Get to the lake!

Getting outside with friends is the best! Thanks Libby!

A photo of a room with a blue treatment bed on the front right and a skeleton in the back left. There are also two anatomical posters on the back wall.
Libby sitting between two Discovery coffee mugs.

Meet Libby!

Meet Libby. She’s the newest practitioner here at Arbutus. She has cats. She doesn’t have a favourite bone. But she does have a favourite body part. This is the anatomical snuffbox.

A grey kitten with its paw over an orange tabby's back.

Cute Kitten Monday!

Yes, kittens. Cute Kittens. Because it’s Monday.

When to Use Hot Treatment for Sprains and Strains

Ever wonder when you are to apply heat to injuries? Here is some great information from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association on what treatment to use on sprains and strains…

Two X-ray images of a right foot, from top and side, with a hot spot diagram to the right.

Protect against ‘pops’ and ‘rolls’

Without proper rehabilitation, the ankle will remain unstable. The ankle is more susceptible to injury because the ligaments did not…

A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tips

Our upcoming carrying tips are for you to consider when carrying a heavy load to…

Tip #4 – Knee Injury Prevention

Poor movement patterns during sports (e.g. incorrect landings during jumping) greatly increase the risk of…

Tip #1 – Knee Injury Prevention

Most overuse injuries of the knee develop gradually due to…