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A group of bikers biking down a road away from the camera so that we are looking at their backs. There is tall green and brown grass on either side of the road as well as green trees. The glimpse of sky in the distance looks grey.

Training with Human Powered Racing and B78

Human Powered Racing and B78 united for this beautiful Saturday morning training ride!

A man (left) and woman (right) have their arms around each other and are smiling. They are wearing biking gear, and the background is a dry landscape with trees and mountains.

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Spending the day with my favourite person. Happy Birthday Mikey! We biked Mullholland Drive!

Four people shoulder to shoulder with their arms around each other facing away from the camera to look out over a dry hilly view from a dirt road. The sky is blue with white clouds, and the people are all wearing matching biking outfits with white shirts with black dots and black shorts.

Choose to Move: Top of Piuma Climb

Top of Piuma Climb. California Vertical Camp with Human Powered Racing and B78!