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Connor and his partner stand together at a view point with water down in the distance behind them. They are on dry rocky ground and wearing hiking clothes under a blue sky.

Love and beautiful BC views

I’ve been exposed to beautiful views!

In focus are two white flowers in bloom, which are growing on a branch covered with small green leaves. Out of focus in the background is an array of the same branches and leaves, which are set against a clear blue sky.

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

This photo is from the gardens at the Horticultural Centre on Quayle Road!

In the foreground there is a large bush of broom, which is a plant with small bright yellow flowers and dark green foliage. Past the brook is a large expanse of ocean with a large tanker ship in the center in the distance. On the other side of the water there is a snow covered mountain range. The sky is dark and grey.

Olympic Mountains: A Snowy Sight

There’s some fresh snow on the Olympic mountains today.

A man on the left in a black sweater and black tuque is working on purple bicycle, which is oriented with its front close up to the camera. It is taken indoors.

Bikes Need TLC Too!

Tune up time! Some bikes are just for weekend cruising.

The focus is a fountain, which is lit up with red, and it is to the left. In the background and slightly out of focus is the BC Legislature. This is a large grey stone building with a teal metal roof. It is also lit up with white lights. The sky behind the Legislature is grey with dark clouds.

Happy February First Folks!

The days are getting longer friends! Happy February!

A view looking across an inlet at sunset. The silhouette of buildings and forest are visible on the other side of the water. The sky is blue and pink, which is reflected in the calm water.

Victoria Views for Days

What a day here in the beautiful Victoria, BC! And let’s always remember and respect that we are enjoying these views on unceded Lekwungen Territory.

Two X-ray images of a right foot, from top and side, with a hot spot diagram to the right.

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A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tips

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