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A man in a blue jacket and brown pants carrying a package in his left hand is coming out of a coffee shop with a sign that says "Moguls Coffee."

Moguls before Tubing!

Favourite coffee and muffin spot. Tubing park up next…

A mug of coffee is slightly right of center, and sitting on a wooden table is steaming, and the steam is in the shape of a tight swirl near the top of the photo. Behind the coffee the sun is glaring through the window and is all we can see in the background.

Sunday Swirls

Sunday morning breakfast at Sunnyside Cafe in Esquimalt! This little swirl is so neat.

A silhouette of a person with glasses sitting in profile (sideways) for the camera. They are sitting at a table working on a laptop. There are other empty tables behind them. They are framed by a bright window divided into four square panes, and it is raining hard outside.

Warm and Caffeinated 

Raining hard on the outside. Warm and dry with coffee on the inside.

A coffee shop full of people is mostly out of focus. It gets more in focus in the upper left, and there are paintings along the left wall. Light comes from indoor lighting on the ceiling and a window at the far end of the shop.

Nice Living Next to Discovery!

Oh Wednesday. Extra coffee from our neighbour will get us through. We said goodbye and safe journeys to Caitlyn yesterday who is leaving for Ontario soon. Thanks for all your amazing help around here and for being rad.

Two different art works side by side. On the left is a black and white painting of a woman's head, shoulders, and chest. She has her hair in a large bun atop her head, and round thin glasses. Her left hand is visible coming up to brush her chin. Past her neck is a long sleeved black shirt that is done with water colour so it has a blurred, dripping aesthetic. On the right is an abstract piece with blues, pinks, black, and a mustard yellow strip on the right. It is done in water colour, and all the colours blur and drip together. It is painted on a white canvas.

Coffee with Sam Eldridge

August is over and the vibrant art of Sam Eldridge is no longer up at Discovery. Thanks, Sam, for adding some extra zip to our morning coffees!

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