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Two women slightly right of center are standing behind a bar like marble reception desk with a green, blue, white, brown, and grey rectangular abstract art piece behind them. The woman in front is looking slightly to the left and her smile looks slightly reluctant. Her arms are crossed on the desk. The woman behind her seems to have her arms around the woman in front, and she is smiling widely. She is slightly further right.

The Luminous Veronica and Olivia

Semi-reluctant but smiling faces at the Arbutus Health Centre today! I’m so inspired to be working with these luminous beings. Thank you Veronica and Olivia!

There are three photos here, and they all show individuals climbing a white wall attached with harnesses and ropes, with red and blue handholds. The top one and the one on the bottom left show adult women. The bottom right shows a young boy in a red tshirt.

Choose to Move: Crag X

Throw back to the weekend! Mya, Veronica and Max showing how to mix it up a little.

An adult in full ski gear including helmet and goggles standing next to a young person also in full ski gear. There is snow beneath them, snow covered evergreen trees in the background, and ski slope to the right, and then a green landscape below.

Dr. Veronica Hewstan at Mount Apex

So while Sandy was climbing hills on her bike in California last weekend, Dr. Veronica Hewstan was zooming down them with her family on Mount Apex. Seen here with Max. Happy Wednesday everyone!

This is a compilation of three photos. The one in the top left is of a man and girl standing on a red floor with a hockey net at the other end. He has a hockey stick and is pointing at the net. The top right shows a man with grey hair and stubble against a blue background while a photo of a hockey player in the old white, yellow, red, and black uniform of the canucks is projected to the right. The image on the bottom is of the same man seated and facing a young girl in her teens who is also sitting and holding a note pad. They are smiling, set against the same blue background, and there is a round white table between them.

Praise for Verse: Check It Out!

We’re big fans of these interviews by Mya Hewstan Stylux Studio. And we’re big fans of Geoff Courtnall! And we know that Dr. Veronica Hewstan is also a fan! Check out Verse with Mya.

A blonde woman from the shoulders up who is holding a mug that says "Be awesome today" in front of her mouth. She is in a light brown room with some branches in a vase in the left corner.

Bolt Classic Golf Fundraiser

This is a throwback regram from Tanelle Bolt reminding all of us to be awesome. She’s organizing a fundraiser this week on Thursday October 8th: the first annual Bolt Classic Golf Fundraiser! Dr. Veronica Hewstan has known Tanelle for a while and she’s written a post on our news blog, where you can read more and

A group of girls in their purpleish blue softball jerseys, which have a capital K inside a diamond shape that looks like Superman's logo. They have their arms crossed in an X shape. There are two rows of girls, and then one lying powed in front in the black padding of a catcher. They are on a baseball diamond, and there is a sign behind them on which we can read "Kryptonite." They are smiling.

Victoria Kryptonite: Power-Pose

Here’s the Victoria Kryptonite power posing. They’re on their way to California to compete this weekend in the Triple Crown Sports Classic Soft Ball Tournament. Of course it’s happening at the Field of Dreams in Riverside CA. They’re the only Canadian team going, and they’ll be joined by fan-mom Dr. Veronica Hewstan. Good luck athletes,

A woman with her black hair pulled rightly back into a bun is smiling to the left of the camera and wearing a black tank top. We can see her from the chest up. There are two splatter paint style paintings slightly out of focus in the background on either side of her head.

Meet Dr. Veronica Hewstan

Dr. Veronica Hewstan is our chiropractor! Veronica was nice and sat down with us today, at Discovery, for an interview (stay tuned). The paintings in the background are by Joe Rosenblatt.

The emergency doors at a hospital.

Car Accidents: How To Prevent Injuries And What To Do After the Accident

A great article from the BC Chiropractic Association about spine, nerve and muscle injuries due to car accidents. Find out what you can do to prevent injuries and what to do after the accident…

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