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The top photo take up almost the whole image and is a view up a steep set of outdoor stairs in a forest with a man near the top. There are three small ones lined up on the bottom. The left is a woman's running shoe on a trail. The middle is a sunrise view across a green cityscape with a man in the foreground wearing a blue jacket and yellow tuq. The right is a beach with evergreen trees on the left and the ocean on the right.

Mystic Fridays Off

Mystic Beach n’ loving this Friday off!

A man in a blue jacket and brown pants carrying a package in his left hand is coming out of a coffee shop with a sign that says "Moguls Coffee."

Moguls before Tubing!

Favourite coffee and muffin spot. Tubing park up next…

A man with his arms stretched high above his head. He is in shorts and a green tshirt, standing on a dirt path, and has ocean and a blue sky behind him.

Power Pose on Hornby

Bye Hornby. Awesome place. Thanks for all the good times!

A man in a mustard yellow tuq walking in a forest with a wooden arrow on one tree that says "4 dead aliens" which is pointing behind the man.

4 Dead Aliens

Hornby Island weekend away. They’re behind you…

A man in the foreground wearing a black jacket and mustard yellow tuq is smiling widely. Behind him is a long flat wooden bridge with thick, green forest on the other side.

Afraid of Heights? 

Keeping active with the husband at the Goldstream trestle!

A man facing away from the camera in a red and white plaid shirt and jeans is standing on rocky ground looking out (and down on) a bright blue turquoise lake surrounded by evergreen covered hills to the left and right. On the other side of the lake a large mountain rises up into a blue sky.

Follow the Rainbow to Joffre

Going that extra mile with my baby bro! What a beauty day checkin out Joffre top shelf!