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A photo taken straight upwards of a tree canopy, with green foliage far above and a white sky beyond.

Butchart Gardens has more than just pretty flowers

Here’s a throwback to this gorgeous canopy-shot, from when family was visiting and everyone piled out to visit the Butchart Gardens! #westcoastbestcoast

A selfie photo of Sophia and Deb on bikes, wearing helmets, reflective sunglasses and biking athletic-wear, with some asphalt, greenery, and cloudy blue skies visible in the background.

Racing runs (and bikes!) in the family

Here’s Sophia and her mom Deb on the bike. Deb is doing the Duathlon and Sophia is doing the half ironman tomorrow in Alberta!  

A concert violinist focuses during a symphony performance

Reflections on “elite athlete”

Here at Arbutus we work with athletes and we believe in the power of sport. But lately we’ve been a little bit curious about digging deeper into what “athlete” or “elite athlete” means…

Max stands smiling and relaxed, holding a white rugby ball in both hands. He wears an orange Adidas jersey, standing in front of lush dark green grass.

Cheering for this guy, and for youth sports!

Here’s a throwback to Tuesday when Veronica was cheering on her son Max’s team, grade 4 Willows School, against St. Michaels University School. Sport makes us happy. HAPPY!

An adult in full ski gear including helmet and goggles standing next to a young person also in full ski gear. There is snow beneath them, snow covered evergreen trees in the background, and ski slope to the right, and then a green landscape below.

Dr. Veronica Hewstan at Mount Apex

So while Sandy was climbing hills on her bike in California last weekend, Dr. Veronica Hewstan was zooming down them with her family on Mount Apex. Seen here with Max. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Two people, one in a black winter coat and the other in a blue one, are skating on an outdoor rink in black hockey skates. Behind them are trees -- some evergreen and some without leaves -- and then mountains in the distance. The sky is pink on the horizon fading to darker blue higher up.

Choose to Move: Skating

Skating with family!

A blonde adult woman on a swing to the left is next to a young blonde girl in a toddler swing to the right. Both are facing away from the camera. The top and bottom of the photo are out of focus. The swing set is on a paved area, and past that there is grass, which is covered in orange, red, and yellow leaves. There are trees with Autumn coloured leaves on the grass and grey buildings behind them.

Swing Time at the Lunch Hour

Lunchtime with family at the park is the best. Special thanks to these folks for being gracious and posing for me!