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This is an image of two smiling women with brown hair who are both holding bundles of pink flowers. They are in an office

Administrative Professionals Day 2018

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! 💐

Three class vases of flowers with a bottle of red wine in between them and four cards in front of them are standing against a light brown wall on a dark wooden surface.
A woman with long brown hair is smiling widely and holding a wrapped bouquet of yellow daisies in front of her. She is indoors in front of a white wall with a bronze cutout of an arbutus tree hanging behind her.

Flowers for Libby

Libby, we’re holding these hostage until you arrive today!

A field of purple, blooming camas with tall trees behind it and on either side. The trees have long, branches that curve over the flowers and green foliage on top. The sky beyond them looks bright and grey.

Camas Fields

The Camas is really on fire right now – so beautiful!

A clump pf white plum tree blossoms at different stages of blooming. The flower at in the front has bloomed and is all white with a green center and orange pollinators. The majority of them, though, are still tightly closed white buds. More branches of the plum tree are out of focus in the background against a bright sky.
A close up of purple flowers amid green grass. They are in bloom with bright orange centers. There is also a white flower to the right.

Victoria in Bloom

Good things happen on midday walks.

A bouquet of yellow and red tulips in a glass vase, which we see only the top of, set against a white background. Slightly left of center is the focus of the picture, which is a yellow blossoming tulip. It is sticking out from the others and bent to that the center of the flower is facing the camera. It is bright yellow with a small patch of red on each petal.

Sunday Flowers

These flowers!

Fancy a Friday Wish? 

Happy Friday folks!

In the foreground is a clump of orange blooming flowers with tall green stems interspersed between them. The flowers are in focus. The background is out of focus and is a body of water with a blurry downtown and trees on the other side.

Light & Flora

Great light at Victoria Harbour right now!