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This is a photo at sunset looking down the Gorge (a river) with silhouettes of trees on either side of the walter, which is picking up the warm orange of the setting sun.

Solstice at the Gorge, 2017

Happy solstice friends! We hope this season is bringing you the health and activity and energy you want. The gorge is a beautiful place to train, picnic, walk, roll, paddle, or swim.

A close up of a brown reed or stem in a field of similar plants frosted over with a thick layer of snow and ice. The whole field is likewise snowy, and the rising sun is shining through leafless trees in the distance.

Happy Solstice

A change of scenery can be very restful. Happy Solstice folks!

This graphic is divided into quarters to accommodate four photos. In the top left a woman in a blue winter coat is tying a Christmas tree to the top of her car. In the tope right is a red shiny heart shaped ornament with the dates they are closed edited on top in white letters. In the bottom right is a photo of red and gold glitter Christmas balls hanging together with twinkle lights around them. The bottom left is a Christmas tree farm with rows of trees, a man walking between the row central to the photo, and a lit up house in the background.

Holiday Schedule

We just wanted to let you know that we’re closed for some days over the holiday season: December 24-27 and again January 1-3.

A close up of an Arbutus Physio Gift certificate with their logo of a blue arrow in a blue circle set in the upper left. The card is nestled into the branches of a decorated and lit up Christmas tree.

We’re Here For You: From Recovery to Christmas Gift Ideas

We have more gift certificates available! Stocking stuffers, anyone?

A close up of a woman's face. We can only see her eyes and the bridge of her nose because she is wearing a broad brown scarf and a brown tuque.

Happy, Healthy Holiday Wishes

Here’s hoping everyone has the best holiday season. We’ve posted some holiday health tips on our blog in case you want a few reminders!

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