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A woman is at the centre of the photo facing us on her paddle board. She is on a lake with large evergreen trees all along the shore.

West Coast life at Matheson Lake

Happy as a dolphin (very happy). #mathesonlake #paddlepaddle #getoutdoors #westcoastlife

This is a photo of two women working behind black laptops in a light grey office, and both have the corners of their lips turned up in smirks.

Getting ready for the weekend in the office

What a beautiful, sun-filled ☀️ week we’ve had! At first glance you’ll see two physios focused on entering their charts, but if you look a little closer, one of them is trying very hard to maintain a working-diligently-and-totslly-not-thinking-about-the-weekend face before stepping out of the clinic to start the weekend. Enjoy your weekend 😎

Libby Meakin and 87 year old Mo at the top of the Grouse Grind

Meeting Mo on the Grouse Grind

Meet Mo. He’s 87. I had the pleasure of meeting 87 year old Mo at the top of the Grouse Grind. Passed him close to the top and felt I had to wait for him when I’d finished to meet this amazing individual. He climbs it every week…bit of an #inspiration. #ageisjustanumber #lifegoals #grousegrind #yesisaid87

A woman slightly right of center is standing in the snow walking towards the camera. She has dark blue tights, a rainbow tank, and a backpack on with her hair in a bun. There are evergreen trees in the background.

Trail Shoes in the Snow

Beautiful long weekend falling in love with Strathcona Park!

A woman with long brown hair is smiling widely and holding a wrapped bouquet of yellow daisies in front of her. She is indoors in front of a white wall with a bronze cutout of an arbutus tree hanging behind her.

Flowers for Libby

Libby, we’re holding these hostage until you arrive today!

A woman from the chest up is wearing a grey hoodie smiling just slightly with her mouth closed and looking slightly left of the camera. She is in a room with light grey walls and there is a back back on a treatment bed behind her.

Instaville: Meet Libby!

Welcome to Instaville, Libby Meakin (@libby.meakin)!

A woman in profile and facing the right is in the foreground. We see her from the shoulders up. Her nose is red suggesting she's a bit cold, and she has long brown hair under a mustard yellow tuque. There is a forest of evergreen trees behind her, and snowy mountains in the distance. The sky is clear, bright, and blue.

Choose to Move: Mount Washington

It’s nice to have sweet weekend memories to keep us warm on grey Monday mornings.

A close up of a woman's face on the right. She has dark hair and is not smiling, but does not appear unhappy. Behind her is a tiled outdoor area with deck chairs, and behind that area is a body of water and a grey sky.

Flashbacks from Libby

This rainy day in Victoria is reminding Libby of life in Glasgow and Belfast.

Two women in the foreground from the chest up are shoulder to shoulder and smiling. On the left is Libby who has long dark hair with a grey streak on her left. On the right is a woman with red hair, which is tied back. In the background is a man grinning and popping up to be in the photo. Behind him is a blonde woman who is slightly blurred. They are indoors.

Weekend Throwbacks: Congratulations Lorna!

Here’s a throwback to Libby’s weekend. One of our gift certificates was won by the lovely Lorna at Rosemarie Colterman’s party (www.rosiesays.ca).

A close up of four blueberry muffins sprinkles with sugar. They are on a white surface.

Those Days Clients Bring Breakfast

One of our clients brought in delicious muffins today! Thanks for sharing Libby!