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Rae, the last jedi, does her morning jedi knight practice, with Luke Skywalker in the background.

Morning rituals we (almost) can’t live without

Mornings can be tricky. And changing habits can be hard. Here’s a few morning tricks that we like. 1. Exercise This doesn’t mean we run a 10K every morning, or do an hour of Pilates before starting the day, but, one thing that never fails to start the day off right, is exercise. Whether it’s

This is a photo taken in the dusky early morning outside. It looks out onto a road that is glistening with rain water, and traffic lights. There is a chart on a clipboard in the bottom left corner.

Bike count on an October morning, 2016

Good morning Victoria 🚴☔ Cycling in the rain! #BikeCount

The blurred, dark silhouettes of about 6 people as the walk out on the Breakwater, which is a cement elevated walk way that protrudes out into the ocean and leads to a small, unmanned lighthouse. Past the curved fence on either side of the walk way that ocean is picking up the blue and peach colours of the sky as the sun begins to rise. The sky is a warm peach or orange on along the horizon, and fades to white and the blue or grey higher up.

Choose to Move: Ogden Point

So many people out on the Breakwater this morning!

A woman slightly left of center is standing on grass and over looking the ocean. Her brown hair pulled back in a bun and she is facing away from the camera. The sky is a mix of grey, blue, pink, and white.

How Do You Start Your Day?

Sunrise at Clover Point is a pretty fantastic option.