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There are three photos here, and they all show individuals climbing a white wall attached with harnesses and ropes, with red and blue handholds. The top one and the one on the bottom left show adult women. The bottom right shows a young boy in a red tshirt.

Choose to Move: Crag X

Throw back to the weekend! Mya, Veronica and Max showing how to mix it up a little.

This is a compilation of three photos. The one in the top left is of a man and girl standing on a red floor with a hockey net at the other end. He has a hockey stick and is pointing at the net. The top right shows a man with grey hair and stubble against a blue background while a photo of a hockey player in the old white, yellow, red, and black uniform of the canucks is projected to the right. The image on the bottom is of the same man seated and facing a young girl in her teens who is also sitting and holding a note pad. They are smiling, set against the same blue background, and there is a round white table between them.

Praise for Verse: Check It Out!

We’re big fans of these interviews by Mya Hewstan Stylux Studio. And we’re big fans of Geoff Courtnall! And we

Jason Heit sits down to talk with Mya, on Verse

Jason Heit, boxing champion, on Verse with Mya

Excellent interview of Jason Heit by Mya, on Verse with Mya. Enjoy this video by Stylux Studios…

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