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A female presenting person looks over her left shoulder to smile at the camera. The Gorge waterway and shore are behind her.

Dragon boats on the Gorge

What a beautiful morning of dragon boat racing (super sprints) on the Gorge. Still going too. Great to hear the drumming and cheering and splashing and see the teams paddling so intensely. Very cool community sport.

Three paddleboarders are paddling on the ocean in a row across the center of the photo. The water is quite calm with small rippling waves on the surface. The background is a cityscape with tall multistorey buildings. The sky is grey and cloudy with a touch of pink on the right.
Looking down a water way with mountains in the distance, tall evergreen trees on both sides, and a paved walk way on the left. The sky is light pink with the sun behind the trees to the left, and then near the top of the photo the sky is more of a grey and blue mix.

Paddlers Unite

Stunning evening for a paddle!

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