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Libby and Sarai smiling in front of a bright sunny window.

Fall smiles with Libby and Sarai

The fall weather may take away our sunshine on days like today, but that won’t keep us from smiling and enjoying all the warm cozy feelings indoors this season! Some Discovery coffee also helps us feel cozy. Thanks Libby and Sarai for this photo and all the smiles.

A tan and black pug and white and ginger medium-sized herding dog sit in the clinic, staring intently at something behind the camera.

Missing our two little celebrities

Check out these social media savvy pups, Hamish and Eli, out for a walk. Come back soon!! We miss you too!! – @hamish_and_eli

Kristen stands looking straight upwards in front of the base of a giant Douglas Fir tree, with bright light coming through the foliage behind her. There is a fallen tree as tall as Kristen between her and the standing Douglas Fir.

Forest air just feels different

Kristen managed to get up island and breathe in some big forest air. Have a great weekend friends!

Kristen and Carolyn, both smiling in dark sunglasses, pose for a selfie. Between them is a view of Thetis lake beyond a rocky outcropping, with the forested shore visible across the water.

Reconnecting with sports-friends

Throwback to the weekend when good friends from competitive swimming caught up at Thetis Lake. Kristen Bradley on the left and Carolyn McNeill visiting from Ottawa on the right.