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Sandy on her bike and in the run in Penticton, 2017.

Race report – ITU Triathlon World Championship 2017

Race report, ITU World Triathlon Championship: The water conditions were close to perfect and we were allowed to wear our wetsuits which is a huge relief for most triathletes. As with all open water triathlons it was a bit rough with some kicking and punching as we passed each buoy…

Athletes racing and training at the Penticton 2017 ITU Multisport World Championships Festival

Have a great race at the ITU Long Course World Championships in Penticton 2017

Sandy Wilson and Fawn Whiting are both at the ITU Long Course World Championships in Penticton tomorrow! Whiting is racing for Canada on the elite team. And Mike Neill and many of the Human Powered Racing athletes will…

Mike and Sandy smile for a selfie photo. They both wear sunglasses and Human Powered Racing t-shirts. The background is a sandy beach with mountains not far across the water.

Training in beautiful Penticton

Great day of training in Penticton with Mike and Sandy!