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Jamie smiles in the sunlight of the clinic's front window, sitting relaxed in a chair and smiling at the camera.

Our clients are smiling too!

Wow, check out Jamie’s‘s amazing photos. Thanks for inspiring us Jamie! Our clients are always such delight to have at the clinic. ♥️🌻 so much love for this group!! – Jamie

A field of purple, blooming camas with tall trees behind it and on either side. The trees have long, branches that curve over the flowers and green foliage on top. The sky beyond them looks bright and grey.

Camas Fields

The Camas is really on fire right now – so beautiful!

Against a black night sky is an arrangement of lit up cubes stacked on top of one another. They range in colour from yellow, to white, to pink, to blue. There are about 15 in the photo.

Public Art: Think Cubes

Interactive public art makes me happy! Check out these Think Cubes from Monkey C Interactive!

A clump pf white plum tree blossoms at different stages of blooming. The flower at in the front has bloomed and is all white with a green center and orange pollinators. The majority of them, though, are still tightly closed white buds. More branches of the plum tree are out of focus in the background against a bright sky.
In focus are two white flowers in bloom, which are growing on a branch covered with small green leaves. Out of focus in the background is an array of the same branches and leaves, which are set against a clear blue sky.

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

This photo is from the gardens at the Horticultural Centre on Quayle Road!

In the foreground there is a large bush of broom, which is a plant with small bright yellow flowers and dark green foliage. Past the brook is a large expanse of ocean with a large tanker ship in the center in the distance. On the other side of the water there is a snow covered mountain range. The sky is dark and grey.

Olympic Mountains: A Snowy Sight

There’s some fresh snow on the Olympic mountains today.

An apartment building with the sun behind it casting it in shadow and making it a silhouette. The photo is taken looking up at the apartment building. The sky is blue with white streaky clouds. There is a white line diagram in the shape of a diamond edited onto the photo on the left.

Finding the Shade in Sunny Victoria

Feeling the heat of the sun also means feeling the cool of the shade.

A close up of purple flowers amid green grass. They are in bloom with bright orange centers. There is also a white flower to the right.

Victoria in Bloom

Good things happen on midday walks.

A bouquet of yellow and red tulips in a glass vase, which we see only the top of, set against a white background. Slightly left of center is the focus of the picture, which is a yellow blossoming tulip. It is sticking out from the others and bent to that the center of the flower is facing the camera. It is bright yellow with a small patch of red on each petal.

Sunday Flowers

These flowers!

A close up of a maple leaf. We cannot even see the whole leaf, but only the center part of two of the sections that branch off. The veins are visible and it fades from brown and orange on the right to green and yellow on the left. In between the two upper sections we can see very out of focus trees and sky, and the latter is seems bright and grey.

The Beginnings of Winter

What a dark day today! We’re entering the tunnel of winter.

Fancy a Friday Wish? 

Happy Friday folks!

In the foreground is a clump of orange blooming flowers with tall green stems interspersed between them. The flowers are in focus. The background is out of focus and is a body of water with a blurry downtown and trees on the other side.

Light & Flora

Great light at Victoria Harbour right now!

A view across a body of water, which is picking up an orange tinge from the sun. The sun is setting behind the mountains across the water, which makes them into a dark silhouette. The upper edges of the photo are a dark blue.

Summer Sunset

❤ warm August evenings.