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This is a photo taken in the dusky early morning outside. It looks out onto a road that is glistening with rain water, and traffic lights. There is a chart on a clipboard in the bottom left corner.

Bike count on an October morning, 2016

Good morning Victoria 🚴☔ Cycling in the rain! #BikeCount

A close up of a woman's face on the right. She has dark hair and is not smiling, but does not appear unhappy. Behind her is a tiled outdoor area with deck chairs, and behind that area is a body of water and a grey sky.

Flashbacks from Libby

This rainy day in Victoria is reminding Libby of life in Glasgow and Belfast.

A silhouette of a person with glasses sitting in profile (sideways) for the camera. They are sitting at a table working on a laptop. There are other empty tables behind them. They are framed by a bright window divided into four square panes, and it is raining hard outside.

Warm and Caffeinated 

Raining hard on the outside. Warm and dry with coffee on the inside.

Two people's shadows on a wall of red soil that is topped with grass. There is also grass and red soil on the ground below this natural wall. The person on the left has their left arm raised, and seems to be taking the photo with their right hand. The person on the right is jumping and spreading their arms and legs like a starfish.

Remember That Time The Sun Was Out?

Throw back to that time last week when it wasn’t raining. ⚡