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A mountain biker carries their bike up a rocky and muddy path in the forest.

What to do with strains

Strains happen and when they do it’s important to respond in ways that help your body to recover and heal so that you can return to active …

A ginger tabby cat is stretched out on a brown cushion in front of a fireplace, which is hung with two stockings and has Christmas cards on the mantel.

Boxing Day with Ron the Cat

Boxing day in a nutshell…

A close up of a brown reed or stem in a field of similar plants frosted over with a thick layer of snow and ice. The whole field is likewise snowy, and the rising sun is shining through leafless trees in the distance.

Happy Solstice

A change of scenery can be very restful. Happy Solstice folks!

An orange tabby cat with its head up close to the camera and looking to the left is lying down on a green cushion with a fireplace in the background.

Lessons from Ron the Cat

Winter cat naps for the win. Thanks for demonstrating, Ron the Cat.

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