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Two women sitting in light brown chairs on reddish hardwood floors. They are both stretching their left legs across their bodies. Both are smiling. It is very bright outside the window.

Flexibility Break

Just a mini-stretch session going on between patients.

Who women in matching red jackets are standing outside on a sunny day shoulder to shoulder and smiling. They both have long hair with the brunette on the left and the blonde on the right. The woman on the right is holding GoodLife passes spread out like a fan.

GoodLife Fitness

Did you get enough sun this weekend? Thank you to these folks from GoodLife Fitness who were handing out complimentary passes in the community this weekend! Happy Monday!

Looking down on a large open paved area with red umbrellas open on the bottom left, three runners in light blue shirts above center on the right, and then blue ocean at the top after the edge of the paved space. It looks bright and sunny, although the sky is not in the photo.

Runners Unite

Sunny day at the harbour!

Taken looking upwards at a brown furry cat who is touching its nose with its pink tongue. It has bright green eyes. The sky behind the car is clear and bright blue.

Taste the Sunshine: Cats of Victoria

Everyone loves a sunny afternoon!

An apartment building with the sun behind it casting it in shadow and making it a silhouette. The photo is taken looking up at the apartment building. The sky is blue with white streaky clouds. There is a white line diagram in the shape of a diamond edited onto the photo on the left.

Finding the Shade in Sunny Victoria

Feeling the heat of the sun also means feeling the cool of the shade.

Two people's shadows on a wall of red soil that is topped with grass. There is also grass and red soil on the ground below this natural wall. The person on the left has their left arm raised, and seems to be taking the photo with their right hand. The person on the right is jumping and spreading their arms and legs like a starfish.

Remember That Time The Sun Was Out?

Throw back to that time last week when it wasn’t raining. ⚡

A woman is reflected in a glass door taking a photo. The door says "Arbutus Physiotherapy" in white letters as well as having their logo of an arrow in a white circle and their number (778-265-3663) and website (https://www.arbutusphysiotherapy.ca/) printed in white. There is also an open sign in the door near the bottom of the photo.

Not Quite a Selfie

Loving the sunny days in Oak Bay! Thanks for the photo Olivia!

A sign saying "Welcome to Oak Bay" is underneath who whale bones arranged like a wishbone with the wide end at the top. This is all surrounded by beautiful flowers. which are fully in bloom.

Those Oak Bay Bones

Sunny day in Oak Bay with some local art!