Tag: Sunrise

A sunrise making the sky pink and orange lower down and fades to deep blue at the top. The silhouettes of trees are rooftops are visible along the bottom.

Greeting the Day, Getting Outside

Good morning Friday!

The blurred, dark silhouettes of about 6 people as the walk out on the Breakwater, which is a cement elevated walk way that protrudes out into the ocean and leads to a small, unmanned lighthouse. Past the curved fence on either side of the walk way that ocean is picking up the blue and peach colours of the sky as the sun begins to rise. The sky is a warm peach or orange on along the horizon, and fades to white and the blue or grey higher up.

Choose to Move: Ogden Point

So many people out on the Breakwater this morning!

A woman slightly left of center is standing on grass and over looking the ocean. Her brown hair pulled back in a bun and she is facing away from the camera. The sky is a mix of grey, blue, pink, and white.

How Do You Start Your Day?

Sunrise at Clover Point is a pretty fantastic option.