Tag: Throwback

This is a compilation of 16 photos which have been described in their own posts that have been brought together in 4 rows of four. They are the photos from 2015 posts.

Happy 2016!

Thank you Victoria, from our hearts, for an awesome year. Happy New Year, and best wishes everyone!

A man's legs and bare feet from the knee down standing on a sandy beach with his toes pointing towards the ocean. It is a bright, but slightly grey day. The ocean is to the left.

Choose to Move: Winter Day Dreams

Winter time day dream. Throw back to the days of heat and surf.

A woman in profile and facing the right is in the foreground. We see her from the shoulders up. Her nose is red suggesting she's a bit cold, and she has long brown hair under a mustard yellow tuque. There is a forest of evergreen trees behind her, and snowy mountains in the distance. The sky is clear, bright, and blue.

Choose to Move: Mount Washington

It’s nice to have sweet weekend memories to keep us warm on grey Monday mornings.

A woman right of center is standing on a rocky outcropping and looking towards the right. She has brown hair, glasses, and a red backpack. Behind and far below her is a landscape of green trees and clusters of buildings. They sky is clear and blue fading to white on the horizon line.

Choose to Move: Mount Wells

Throw back to hiking with a friend – Julie at Mount Wells.

Two people's shadows on a wall of red soil that is topped with grass. There is also grass and red soil on the ground below this natural wall. The person on the left has their left arm raised, and seems to be taking the photo with their right hand. The person on the right is jumping and spreading their arms and legs like a starfish.

Remember That Time The Sun Was Out?

Throw back to that time last week when it wasn’t raining. ⚡

A group of men who look mostly in their 20s arranged for a group photo in 4 tiers. Most of them are wearing sweaters with a capital letter M on the chest. It is an old monochrome photo that is overall a brown colour.

1899 Michigan Wolverines Throwback

This is a throw back to the 1899 Michigan Wolverines football team. It’s a reminder that sport, and science, and culture are always changing. Keep up. Photo by Fred Rentschler (1868-1940).