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A long stretch of grassy space runs along the left, and the ocean is next to it on the right. In the distance is a cityscape, and the sky is a blue with light pink clouds.

Weekend Greetings

What a week. Hello weekend! Too bad about the Cavs.

Looking down on a large open paved area with red umbrellas open on the bottom left, three runners in light blue shirts above center on the right, and then blue ocean at the top after the edge of the paved space. It looks bright and sunny, although the sky is not in the photo.

Runners Unite

Sunny day at the harbour!

The bottom half of the photo is a rocky space that is black because the sky above and behind it is a bright blue with white clouds, and this brightness is casting the rocky space into shadow. At the top of this rocky hill are the silhouettes of four people. Two are sitting to the left beside each other. There is also an adult sized person in the center with the silhouette of a small person being held on their hip.

Silhouettes in Victoria Harbour

Oh, big skies and tender moments!

Two photos one on top of the other of slightly different views looking from a mossy covered rock out crop across the harbour and towards downtown. In the top photo the tall buildings of downtown are clearer. In the bottom there is a rock standing in the forefront and less of downtown. In both the sky is blue with white clouds and the sun is gleaming off the water.

Choose to Move: Victoria Harbour

Nice day for a run, er… walk.

The silhouettes of two runners to the right are going up a slight hill away from the camera. The sun is setting or rising in front of them in the distance, and to their left and pst a metal railing is the ocean and the silhouette of trees on the other side of the water.

Island Living

Runners by Victoria harbour. What a gorgeous place to train!

In the foreground is a clump of orange blooming flowers with tall green stems interspersed between them. The flowers are in focus. The background is out of focus and is a body of water with a blurry downtown and trees on the other side.

Light & Flora

Great light at Victoria Harbour right now!