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A man in a turquoise tshirt with black sleeves and jeans facing away from the camera and sitting looking out over a long body of water with evergreen trees on either side.

Sunday Adventures

A gorgeous day exploring Gowlland Tod Provincial Park!

A stretch of green grass is in the foreground, and it meets a paved path which cuts across the photo horizontally slightly below center. There are two people who are silhouettes walking on the path and a black dog running ahead of them. Past the path in the background is the ocean, and the sun is setting to the right. Above the setting sun the clouds are swirling and a mix of blues, purples, and greys.

West Coast, Best Coast: Dallas Road

Great time for a run, a stroll, a dog walk, or a roller blade!

An apartment building with the sun behind it casting it in shadow and making it a silhouette. The photo is taken looking up at the apartment building. The sky is blue with white streaky clouds. There is a white line diagram in the shape of a diamond edited onto the photo on the left.

Finding the Shade in Sunny Victoria

Feeling the heat of the sun also means feeling the cool of the shade.

Looking down on the harbour, which is full of sailboats, from a higher vantage point. The boats are silhouettes because the sun is setting in the distance behind them. The same goes for the buildings on the opposite side of the water. The sky is orange on the horizon line, and fades to light blue near the top.

Weekend Victoria Views

What a sunset! Thanks for a fantastic weekend, Victoria!

A view looking across an inlet at sunset. The silhouette of buildings and forest are visible on the other side of the water. The sky is blue and pink, which is reflected in the calm water.

Victoria Views for Days

What a day here in the beautiful Victoria, BC! And let’s always remember and respect that we are enjoying these views on unceded Lekwungen Territory.