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This is a collection of short posts by the clinic, practitioners and team members who are out and about in the world doing racing, hiking, camping, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, playing ultimate, golf and all around keeping active and strong.

Libby sitting between two Discovery coffee mugs.

Meet Libby!

Meet Libby. She’s the newest practitioner here at Arbutus. She has cats. She doesn’t have a favourite bone. But she does have a favourite body part. This is the anatomical snuffbox.

A view across a body of water, which is picking up an orange tinge from the sun. The sun is setting behind the mountains across the water, which makes them into a dark silhouette. The upper edges of the photo are a dark blue.

Summer Sunset

❤ warm August evenings.

A grey kitten with its paw over an orange tabby's back.

Cute Kitten Monday!

Yes, kittens. Cute Kittens. Because it’s Monday.

Two women standing hip to hip under blue and white tent outdoors.

Welcome Libby!

Welcome our new physio therapist Libby!

Arbutus physio blue and white massage tent outside for XTERRA event.

Arbutus at XTERRA 2015

XTERRA race today!

Five people sit and stand to the left of a room with beige walls and a hardwood floor. Slightly right of center a man in navy shorts and a white tshirt is lying on the floor on his stomach, and he is stretch his left arm up towards the ceiling.

Chiro Corner

This is how we roll in Chiro Corner! Doing the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment).

An indoor gym with two rows of light wooden lifting platforms. Each has a metal pole on it and there are round black weights in the foreground. Someone is lighting a bar above his head in the distance, he is out of focus.

Missing the Crew

Certainly missing the crew in the gym these days! More fun training together!

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