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User friendly trails in the Greater Victoria area

We are getting some amazing weather! I am personally loving the lake swims and sunshine. But it can be hard to stay active if it’s too hot outside. This can be even harder depending on what age you are or where your ability level is.

Luckily a lovely patient brought in an available guide called ‘User-Friendly Trails’ and I think it’s a good one to share.

Also luckily the entire content is available online so if you can’t pick one up in person go and check out this version (PDF).

The trails cover Greater Victoria meaning you won’t have to go far. Trail maps are all included showing elevation profile, benches available to rest, accessible toilets and more. And for you keen fishers there’s even a page on accessible fishing piers.

So get your kids, your grannies and your friend who maybe wants to get out and about but lacks confidence in their ability.

Stay sun and heat safe and then go explore!