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Staying active on Vancouver Island during a pandemic

It can be tough to keep up a healthy lifestyle while fitness centres are closed or have limited capacity and our normal routines are disrupted. You also may be facing the added challenge of a lack of motivation (whether that is to exercise or to do anything at all), which is completely normal when the entire world literally gets flipped upside down. While we always encourage you to listen to your body, and take the essential rest you need when you feel it, we want to give you some inspiration of what you can do to stay movin’ and groovin’.  

What is the number one thing our team is doing? Getting outside!

Whether it’s on a big hike up Mount Tzouhalem, a run along Dallas Road or taking their four-legged friends on a walk, our staff are outside as much as possible. One of our physiotherapists, Brandon, has been running to clear his mind, get fresh air into his lungs and soak up some vitamin D. Another of our physiotherapists, Connor, has the same idea. He makes sure he gets out for a run or bike ride everyday. Exercising outdoors reduces stress and boosts your mood. What’s more, could we live in a place more suitable for outdoor exercise? I think not. 

It’s summer and often sunny right now, but, yeah, we do live on the wet coast.

We LOVE home workouts

We’ve all said it before and we’ll keep saying it – thank goodness for technology! Whether you are breaking out your old Jane Fonda workout DVDs or following along with an Instagram Live workout, it has never been easier to get a sweat on in the comfort of your own home. Our team has been incorporating home workouts into their routine to stay active during self isolation. I have been loving the 30 minute pilates workouts from Lagree West on Instagram, while Ashley has been roping her husband into her Body Dynamics workouts on Youtube. When they are feeling a little more creative, our staff will construct their own HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuits, incorporating things from around the house like cans and resistance bands. A few rounds of push-ups, squats, and plank holds on the living room floor can go a long way!!

Virtual challenges and SwimRun Victoria

Our athletic coach, Mike, has been using technology to his full advantage. A little social distance, or even an ocean of distance, isn’t going to get in the way of Mike and his team. Our Ironman champion meets with his cycling team by zoom to get their ride in. He has his athletes training virtually from as far away as Bermuda and the Isle of Jersey! 

Human Powered Racing has launched a series of virtual challenges and there’s more coming soon! These are a great way to maintain your running and riding habits while getting a chance to meet others in their online groups. They are putting on the “Summit Robson Challenge” where the goal is to Climb the equivalent of the Mount Robson Summit. If that doesn’t keep you occupied, we don’t know what will. 

Mike and Rob have also figured out how to safely run a real in-person race this month! SwimRun Victoria has a limited registration and staggered start. SwimRun is the perfect way to participate safely in a long distance race.

Keeping as active as we can

Keeping up our healthy lifestyles is so important during times like these, and however you are choosing to move your body is the right way for you. For some, that’s high-intensity workouts, and for others it might be a kitchen dance party with the people in your bubble. Remember, if you are considering trying out a new activity like running, please make sure you have the right gear and start slow. If you do find yourself having some unwanted aches and pains, we encourage you to book a visit with one of our practitioners.

Zoe stands to the right of a river surrounded by forest.
Zoe Stocker at Skutz falls.