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New Balance and falls prevention class designed to ensure you’re ready for winter

This fall we’ve launched a balance and falls prevention class. This is the brainchild of Thomas Zhou who has run classes like this in his practice on the mainland. But it’s also the result of us hearing from so many of the seniors in our community and aging patients who tell us they want to be proactive in their journey so they can retain their confidence and stay active.

We know from the research that people who are at risk for falls, or are losing their balance, suffer from many kinds of related impacts. The loss of ease of movement can come with stress, anxiety, low walking endurance, difficulty with household chores, and social avoidance. It’s not an exaggeration to say that balance, and the confidence that comes with it, can help prevent loneliness and social isolation. 

In some cases, we’ve heard from our younger patients that they want their parents to get the support of physios (us!) and some simple conditioning so they can stay vital.

So we launched our Balance and falls prevention class! We’re keeping these classes small at four participants, but they run for 12 sessions and they will be lively and fun to attend. Each participant needs to have a prescreening, in part so we can tailor the classes to the needs of our students.

The first class is sold out, but we think we might launch a new class in January – we just haven’t sorted out the dates and times yet. So if you’re interested, or know someone who is, please get in touch.