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Two people under a blue and white tent with a table full of things and two massage beds along the sides of the tent.

Catching up on the sidelines!

Catching up on the sidelines! Dr. Mike and physiotherapist Sandy Wilson ready to support our local gymnasts last weekend for the 36th annual Garden City gymnastics competition! Community-awesome and the Garden City Invitational

Sandy and Kristen provide treatment for athletes at the Garden City Invitational 2016.

Throwback to 2016: team Arbutus supporting Falcon Gymnastics

Team Arbutus supporting Falcon Gymnastics at the Garden City Invitational! Good luck athletes!

Gymnastics athletes from Edmonton compete on the floor and on the uneven bars.

Community-awesome and the Garden City Invitational

Sport is awesome. And the community that makes sport happen is also awesome. We see it, and we hope that everyone else sees it too. It takes a lot to put on a gymnastics competition and the gymnastics community on Vancouver Island, and beyond, do an amazing job of it. This weekend the Garden City

Arbutus Physio wishes all the competitors of the Garden City Invitational 2018 good luck!

Falcon Gymnastics Garden City Invitational 2018

May 19th and 20th is the big competitive event of the year for these young athletes and we are proud Gold Sponsors of the Falcon Gymnastics team so we’ll be there providing treatment for the athletes. We wish all the athletes a successful and fulfilling competition! “Each year in May the Falcon Gymnastics Parents Association (FGPA)

Leonie Solomon, Falcon Gymnastics

Léonie Solomons: gymnast, sports ambassador

We had the good fortune of sitting down with Léonie Solomons, fourteen, at the Garden City Invitational. She’s a Falcon Gymnastics team member. After our interview, she would go on to win…

The athletes line up at the start of the first day of the Garden City Invitational, 2017.

Garden City Invitational 2017

Every year the Falcon Gymnastics Parents Association (FGPA) hosts the Garden City Invitational. It’s a stellar event…

This is a photo of young gymnasts on balance beams in a large gym space.

Arbutus at 2017 Garden City Invitational

Sport is magic. It’s powerful. And it takes courage. Congratulations to all the athletes pushing and performing this weekend at the Garden City Invitational! Did you know Fawn Whiting was a competitive gymnast 20 years ago before becoming a physio and treating the athletes? Nice cartwheel Fawn!

This is a photo of two young girls smiling and holding up paper cut out moustaches up to their mouths. They are inside and looking up at the camera. One of the moustaches is orange a curls up at the bottom and the other is grey and sags downwards.

Happy Movember 2016!

Happy Movember everyone! From Arbutus Physiotherapy & Health Centre and Falcon Gymnastics!

Four Falcon Gymnastics sit with their backs to the camera, wearing their team warm up jackets

Falcon Gymnastics athletes

Look at these athletes from our communities! This is why we do what we do…

This is a photo of young people in white long sleeved tops on 4 tier risers. It is a professional team photo.

Falcon Gymnastics, 2016

We’re so proud to sponsor these athletes! Thank you for all that you do in our community Falcon Gymnastics!

Garden City 2016

As proud sponsors of Falcon Gymnastics, we’re happy to be available to support athletes this weekend at the Garden City Invitational…

In the foreground are three young girls sitting on yoga matts in a classroom painted various shades of green and turquoise. They are looking away from the camera and up at a blonde woman who is an adult and standing at the front of the classroom. Her right hand is gesturing to her hip bone, and her left is holding pieces of paper with which she is gesturing out in front of her. Her mouth is open as though she is talking.

Sandy at Falcon Gymnastics

Presentation last week by Sandy for the Falcon Gymnastics competitive gymnasts (@falcongymnasticsfgpa). Thank you athletes and parents.