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A black and white close up photo of a person's crossed legs from the shin down. Their legs are crossed on a suitcase inside a terminal with rows of seats in the background, and there are wearing blundstone boots.

Travelling Tips

Travelling? Good times. Check out the travel health tips we’ve posted to our blog. Safe journeys!

A close up of a woman's face. We can only see her eyes and the bridge of her nose because she is wearing a broad brown scarf and a brown tuque.

Happy, Healthy Holiday Wishes

Here’s hoping everyone has the best holiday season. We’ve posted some holiday health tips on our blog in case you want a few reminders!

An injury free team is a healthy team: triathlon finish line.

Staying fit and healthy

The last race of the season is almost here and I’ve been so grateful that I haven’t been injured this year. It makes me think about the difference between fitness and health…