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A man in a blue jacket and brown pants carrying a package in his left hand is coming out of a coffee shop with a sign that says "Moguls Coffee."

Moguls before Tubing!

Favourite coffee and muffin spot. Tubing park up next…

Three lady bugs are on the lower left on a sunny patch of gravel.

Gonzalez Hill Get Together

Ladybird vitamin D partaaay!!

A sunrise making the sky pink and orange lower down and fades to deep blue at the top. The silhouettes of trees are rooftops are visible along the bottom.

Greeting the Day, Getting Outside

Good morning Friday!

Two cyclists take a break and watch the sun set over the west coast. It's the best coast.

What is a healthy lifestyle and can it prevent osteoarthritis?

What is a healthy lifestyle? There is no definitive answer; bodies vary. However, we can simplify the topic a little and talk about a healthy lifestyle with regards to an average person who wants to prevent osteoarthritis…

A photo of cherry blossoms with the trunk in the background to the left.

Cherry Blossom Beginnings

Beautiful beginnings – excited for spring! I love this community!

A man with his arms stretched high above his head. He is in shorts and a green tshirt, standing on a dirt path, and has ocean and a blue sky behind him.

Power Pose on Hornby

Bye Hornby. Awesome place. Thanks for all the good times!

A man in a mustard yellow tuq walking in a forest with a wooden arrow on one tree that says "4 dead aliens" which is pointing behind the man.

4 Dead Aliens

Hornby Island weekend away. They’re behind you…

Close up of the hip joint

Osteoarthritis: is it really just wear and tear?

Osteoarthritis can be painful. And many people think it’s a regular part of aging. But does it have to be …

A book that says "Ready to Run" by Dr. Kelly Starrett" is sitting on someone's thigh with a hardwood floor below.

Reading for Runners

A wee read in between patients-great for anyone who would like to or already runs.

A man in the foreground wearing a black jacket and mustard yellow tuq is smiling widely. Behind him is a long flat wooden bridge with thick, green forest on the other side.

Afraid of Heights? 

Keeping active with the husband at the Goldstream trestle!

A woman from the chest up is wearing a grey hoodie smiling just slightly with her mouth closed and looking slightly left of the camera. She is in a room with light grey walls and there is a back back on a treatment bed behind her.

Instaville: Meet Libby!

Welcome to Instaville, Libby Meakin (@libby.meakin)!

A Christmas montage by Libby Meakin

Moved by Christmas

For me Christmas is about family, friends, twinkling lights on trees, mulled wine, outdoor ice rinks and lots of laughter. Maybe lots of mince pies too and always, always a viewing of A Muppets Christmas…

A foot rolls back and forth on a small red ball to relax the foot arch.

Plantar Fasciitis and the Windlass Effect

Plantar fasciitis can be very painful. There can be many treatable causes of this foot pain. Today we look at the windlass effect…

Women in Oak Bay in an early morning Pilates Class with Libby

Our Pilates class is over

Our first block of six week Pilates classes is finished and it was a fantastic way to start my day and get up and get moving while helping others to do the same. I looking forward to another class in the new year…

A woman in profile and facing the right is in the foreground. We see her from the shoulders up. Her nose is red suggesting she's a bit cold, and she has long brown hair under a mustard yellow tuque. There is a forest of evergreen trees behind her, and snowy mountains in the distance. The sky is clear, bright, and blue.

Choose to Move: Mount Washington

It’s nice to have sweet weekend memories to keep us warm on grey Monday mornings.

A close up of a woman's face on the right. She has dark hair and is not smiling, but does not appear unhappy. Behind her is a tiled outdoor area with deck chairs, and behind that area is a body of water and a grey sky.

Flashbacks from Libby

This rainy day in Victoria is reminding Libby of life in Glasgow and Belfast.