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Safety and good form among the benefits of strength training with a coach

Squat, deadlift, bench press and seated row – does the thought of these movements fill you with a sweaty gym fear?

There are a lot of barriers that we can build when it comes to gym workouts. I’ve overcome a lot of them myself and to help ended up taking personal training for 18 months (link to previous blog). The bottom line: I would highly recommend that everyone go to a gym of some sort and get a trainer. Here’s why:

Learning to move is like learning a language. It takes time, practice, hard work and dedication. It also can be learned incorrectly and that is where professional coaching can make the difference.

A good trainer will perform a thorough head to toe assessment and will coach you through a programme designed to address weaknesses and imbalances specific to your movement language, as well as specific to your goals. This takes the stress out of wondering what to do at the gym and will keep your body on its toes. They will coach you through perfect technique, preventing injury and providing you with the skills needed to continue on your path long term.

Finally they will provide accountability. Honestly, aside from wanting to keep my body strong this is the main reason why I got a trainer. I can be inherently lazy! But I am consistent with my workouts now because I had that initial accountability, allowing me to recognize how much I actually need and want to workout. This long term behaviour change would not have been likely without my personal trainer.

Big thanks to Mark Posten who sadly left us for the bigger pastures of the GoodLife at Burnaby Sovereign and is killing it. Congrats!

Mark Posten, trainer, demonstrates a stretching, strengthening move with a weightlifting bar.
Mark Posten, now at Goodlife Fitness in Burnaby.

If you are interested in personal training or would just like some more information I would highly recommend contacting Paul Meakin at Yes he is my husband, and yes I am a little biased, but he is excellent!