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Racing, winning, and finishing at XTERRA Victoria 2019

Huge shout out to the many athletes that swam, biked, and ran the XTERRA Victoria. It’s a tough race and very technical. We saw racers give their hearts to this race and it was inspiring to see the grit, skill, passion and friendship on the course.

We were there as the presenting sponsor. And we were also there to provide treatment to racers after they finished. It was fantastic! Thank you Human Powered Racing for a great day!

A young femme person with a grey tshirt and a race number pinned to the front smiling with an orange inflatable finish line in the background against some trees out of focus.
A femme person in a yellow, pink, blue, and black tank top with cap and sunglasses from the upper torso up. She is smiling and very muddy with an orange inflatable finish line out of focus in the background against trees.