Tips on Bike Fitting

Great bike fit tips to ensure a longer, more enjoyable riding and what to do for cycling aches, pains and injuries.

A woman lifts her baby into the air.

Spinal Health Week

By Your spine is important to your daily health. In addition to 24 bone joints that allow the body to bend and move, your spine is also home to your spinal cord which effectively connects all of the organs, muscles and other tissues to the brain.  Without a healthy spine, not only might you

wide angle photo of the chiropractic room

May promotions

We are pleased to announce that Chiropractor Dr. Veronica Hewstan and Registered Physiotherapist, Rosie Chamberlin are offering several promotions for the month of May! Book an appointment before May 31st, 2014 with Dr. Veronica Hewstan and receive $100.00 off custom prescription orthotics. *New patients only. FREE Physiotherapy Assessment ($65 value) with Rosie Chamberlin *Expires May 31,

Two X-ray images of a right foot, from top and side, with a hot spot diagram to the right.

Protect against ‘pops’ and ‘rolls’

Without proper rehabilitation, the ankle will remain unstable. The ankle is more susceptible to injury because the ligaments did not…

A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tip #4

Keep your feet close to the luggage to maintain…

A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tip #3

Carry a purse with a…

A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tip#2

Choose a pack with…

A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tip #1

Divide groceries into two lighter bags to distribute…

A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tips

Our upcoming carrying tips are for you to consider when carrying a heavy load to…

Arbutus Physiotherapy has a new location

Big news at Arbutus Physiotherapy

We’re excited to announce Arbutus Physiotherapy will be moving to a new location…

Tip #4 – Knee Injury Prevention

Poor movement patterns during sports (e.g. incorrect landings during jumping) greatly increase the risk of…

Tip #3 – Knee Injury Prevention

Protect your joints. If you have any degenerative changes in your knees (e.g. osteoarthritis) Arbutus Physiotherapy can show you how to protect your joints during…

Tip #2 – Knee Injury Prevention

Strengthen your hips. Strengthening your hips and improving core muscle strength will reduce the risk of adversely loading your knee joints. Stretching the muscles that attach into your hips/knees/ankles will also minimize compression of these joints. Arbutus Physiotherapy can show you how.

Tip #1 – Knee Injury Prevention

Most overuse injuries of the knee develop gradually due to…

Five people sit and stand to the left of a room with beige walls and a hardwood floor. Slightly right of center a man in navy shorts and a white tshirt is lying on the floor on his stomach, and he is stretch his left arm up towards the ceiling.

Chiro Corner

This is how we roll in Chiro Corner! Doing the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment).

An indoor gym with two rows of light wooden lifting platforms. Each has a metal pole on it and there are round black weights in the foreground. Someone is lighting a bar above his head in the distance, he is out of focus.

Missing the Crew

Certainly missing the crew in the gym these days! More fun training together!

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