A man near clover point with a large blue, green, yellow, and red kite or sail about to go flying!

So cool!

Choose to move Victoria!

Fancy a Friday Wish? 

Happy Friday folks!

Libby Meaks demonstrating some Pilates

Morning Pilates class starting in October

Join our upcoming Pilates class and develop your strength and flexibility, while aiding your back. Whether you’re recovering from a back injury or working to develop your core, this early morning class could be …

A cyclist in a rainforest: part of the choose to move campaign

Physiotherapy and you: What gets you inspired?

Physiotherapy can help you get moving. From simple active living to peak athletic performance, physiotherapists enhance lives every day…

A close up of model vertebrae , which are all placed together and standing in front of anatomical diagrams which we can see in the background.

Loving Our Bodies: Bones Included

Bodies are awesome. Bones are amazing. All bodies are good bodies.

A lawn bowler in a white uniform has just released the black ball and it's rolling down the green field. The thrower is right of center, and in the distance are green trees and a pink sky that fades to blue in the upper right.

Moving in Vic West: Lawn Bowling

Choose to move, at every stage of life! Today these athletes are moving in Vic West, and doing some lawn bowling. Have you ever tried it?

A view across a wide river with a couple of rowers on it. On the other bank are green leafy trees, and behind those is a brown building with very reflective dark windows.

Rosie’s Travel Journal: Entry Two

Walking on South Bank. The river is the Yarra and it runs through the city – it’s a major area for rowers. It’s still winter and freezing out, brrr! Across the River the brown building with tinted windows is Victoria University where my course on Vestibular Rehabilitation is taking place. Exams soon!

A woman in long grey pants and a black jacket standing on a sandy beach with the clear light blue ocean behind her. On the right an left and running out of sea are two large rock outcrops with trees on top.

Rosie’s Travel Journal

Dear friends in Victoria, BC: My classes start soon so I snuck away down the coast to see the 12 Apostles. There’s only 8. There was another one but it fell down. Why they’re called the 12 Apostles is a mystery I guess. They used to be called the “Sow and Piglets” but that wasn’t

Two women sitting to the right of a marble bar like front desk. They are both smiling broadly, and sitting in office chairs. The one on the left has long blonde hair, and the one on the right has long brown hair. There are yellow files on a shelf to the right.

Happy Friday from the Arbutus Team

Smiling faces to help our Friday be awesome. Good morning Caitlyn (left) and welcome Olivia (right)!

A group of girls in their purpleish blue softball jerseys, which have a capital K inside a diamond shape that looks like Superman's logo. They have their arms crossed in an X shape. There are two rows of girls, and then one lying powed in front in the black padding of a catcher. They are on a baseball diamond, and there is a sign behind them on which we can read "Kryptonite." They are smiling.

Victoria Kryptonite: Power-Pose

Here’s the Victoria Kryptonite power posing. They’re on their way to California to compete this weekend in the Triple Crown Sports Classic Soft Ball Tournament. Of course it’s happening at the Field of Dreams in Riverside CA. They’re the only Canadian team going, and they’ll be joined by fan-mom Dr. Veronica Hewstan. Good luck athletes,

Two women in the foreground from the chest up are shoulder to shoulder and smiling. On the left is Libby who has long dark hair with a grey streak on her left. On the right is a woman with red hair, which is tied back. In the background is a man grinning and popping up to be in the photo. Behind him is a blonde woman who is slightly blurred. They are indoors.

Weekend Throwbacks: Congratulations Lorna!

Here’s a throwback to Libby’s weekend. One of our gift certificates was won by the lovely Lorna at Rosemarie Colterman’s party (www.rosiesays.ca).

A brick building at night, which is lit up by lights on the outside of the second floor. It looks about four stories with a clock tower on the left which is more in the dark except for the lit up clock face.

Sincerely, Rosie: Writing from Melbourne

Rosie says: “This is the view from my apartment in Melbourne – Flinders station is a major train station in the central business district. Suffering serious Jetlag… 3:00am here = 10am YESTERDAY back home.”

A woman with her black hair pulled rightly back into a bun is smiling to the left of the camera and wearing a black tank top. We can see her from the chest up. There are two splatter paint style paintings slightly out of focus in the background on either side of her head.

Meet Dr. Veronica Hewstan

Dr. Veronica Hewstan is our chiropractor! Veronica was nice and sat down with us today, at Discovery, for an interview (stay tuned). The paintings in the background are by Joe Rosenblatt.

A plane that says "New Zealand" on the side is parked, and this photo is taken through a window. The sky is cloudy with the sun breaking through a bit.

Up, Up, and Away to the Land Down Under!

Rosie Chamberlain is on her way to Auckland and then Australia. All night flight!

This image shows an ocean view on a sunny day, and to the right is a woman coming into the shot on a paddle board.

Active in the harbour!

View this post on Instagram Great day to be active in the harbour. #choosetomove #victoriabc #yyj #Songhees #paddleboarding A post shared by Arbutus Physiotherapy & Health (@arbutusphysio) on Sep 12, 2015 at 11:56am PDT

A view looking across an inlet at sunset. The silhouette of buildings and forest are visible on the other side of the water. The sky is blue and pink, which is reflected in the calm water.

Victoria Views for Days

What a day here in the beautiful Victoria, BC! And let’s always remember and respect that we are enjoying these views on unceded Lekwungen Territory.

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