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Three class vases of flowers with a bottle of red wine in between them and four cards in front of them are standing against a light brown wall on a dark wooden surface.
A card is standing on a green marble countertop with a cream coloured wall with a bronze Arbutus Tree cutout hanging on it in the background. The card is white with a pink bike painted on it. The bike also has pink flowers in the handle bar basket. There is also a bright pink ribbon tied in a bow at the top of the card. It is oriented horizontally.

Lovely Gratitude 

This lovely gratitude card recognizing the help our practitioners provide our patients in maintaining their active lifestyles. 🚴💞

Celebrating a Fantastic Human Being: Happy Birthday Olivia!

It is our lovely Office Manager’s birthday! Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine and putting smiles on our patient’s faces. Happy Birthday Olivia 🎂🎉

A man in black shorts, a grey tshirt, and a black baseball cap is lying on his back on a cherry coloured hardwood floor. He is in an office with cream coloured walls and there is a model skeleton and eye chart on the wall behind him. He has his right leg bent with his knee up and foot on the floor. His left knee is also bent, but the leg is in the air and he is rolling a large blue exercise ball up and down the wall with his left floor. He is also in blue runners. The Arbutus logo of a blue arrow in a blue circle is edited onto the bottom right.

Recovery with Mike Neill from Human Powered Racing

Mike Neill, from Human Powered Racing, demonstrates one of the many exercises he was prescribed as part of his recovery from knee surgery: “I thought of recovery like I thought of preparation for a race and a detailed plan was put in motion.”

A woman with long brown hair is smiling widely and holding a wrapped bouquet of yellow daisies in front of her. She is indoors in front of a white wall with a bronze cutout of an arbutus tree hanging behind her.

Flowers for Libby

Libby, we’re holding these hostage until you arrive today!

Two women slightly right of center are standing behind a bar like marble reception desk with a green, blue, white, brown, and grey rectangular abstract art piece behind them. The woman in front is looking slightly to the left and her smile looks slightly reluctant. Her arms are crossed on the desk. The woman behind her seems to have her arms around the woman in front, and she is smiling widely. She is slightly further right.

The Luminous Veronica and Olivia

Semi-reluctant but smiling faces at the Arbutus Health Centre today! I’m so inspired to be working with these luminous beings. Thank you Veronica and Olivia!

A clump pf white plum tree blossoms at different stages of blooming. The flower at in the front has bloomed and is all white with a green center and orange pollinators. The majority of them, though, are still tightly closed white buds. More branches of the plum tree are out of focus in the background against a bright sky.
A young woman smiling with her dark blonde hair pulled back and a cream coloured sweater. In front of her is a keyboard, and behind her we see the rest of her desk, and the bar like reception desk that stands above her lower working desk. The Arbutus logo of a blue arrow in a blue circle is in the bottom left.

Meet Mary

March. March! Happy Wednesday everyone. Have you met Mary Enns? Come in and say hello. She rocks!

A purple Patsy Cline record with her photo on the right showing her with short curly brown hair, smiling, and in a black beaded dress. On the left is the name of the record "In the Care of the Blues." The record is on an angle standing on its bottom left corner in a wooden case.

Mood: Patsy Cline

Mood. Music at Discovery Coffee is always great for me.

Libby, a woman with dark hair and a green coat, and Sandy, a woman with blonde hair and a black coat, are standing indoors on either side of a sign that has a photo of a field with cows and over that it says "Locals Supporting Locals." Both women are smiling.

Welcome Red Barn Market!

Excited about our new neighbours! Welcome Red Barn Market!

A photo looking up at the front of a Red Bard Market. The camera is to the left of the facade. A red barn sign near the top says "Red Barn Market" and below that it says "Your Everyday Specialty Store. The rest of the front is light brown with red trim on the inside of the door and the windows on either side. The sky in the background is grey.

New Neighbours: Coming Soon!

Looking good Red Barn! We’re very excited about this!

This graphic is divided into quarters to accommodate four photos. In the top left a woman in a blue winter coat is tying a Christmas tree to the top of her car. In the tope right is a red shiny heart shaped ornament with the dates they are closed edited on top in white letters. In the bottom right is a photo of red and gold glitter Christmas balls hanging together with twinkle lights around them. The bottom left is a Christmas tree farm with rows of trees, a man walking between the row central to the photo, and a lit up house in the background.

Holiday Schedule

We just wanted to let you know that we’re closed for some days over the holiday season: December 24-27 and again January 1-3.

A close up of a woman's face. We can only see her eyes and the bridge of her nose because she is wearing a broad brown scarf and a brown tuque.

Happy, Healthy Holiday Wishes

Here’s hoping everyone has the best holiday season. We’ve posted some holiday health tips on our blog in case you want a few reminders!

A silhouette of a person with glasses sitting in profile (sideways) for the camera. They are sitting at a table working on a laptop. There are other empty tables behind them. They are framed by a bright window divided into four square panes, and it is raining hard outside.

Warm and Caffeinated 

Raining hard on the outside. Warm and dry with coffee on the inside.

This is an arrangement of three photos. The tall one that takes up the full right side is of a smiling woman with long blonde hair who is standing next to a white cake that says "Happy Birthday Natasha" in red icing, and a bouquet of red, yellow, and orange flowers. On the bottom left is a close up of the cake, and on the upper left is a close up of the bouquet.

Happy Birthday, Natasha!

16 Likes, 0 Comments – Arbutus Physiotherapy & Health (@arbutusphysio) on Instagram: “Happy birthday Natasha! We hope you have the best day! #oakbay #NatashaWatson” Source: Arbutus Physiotherapy & Health on Instagram: “Happy birthday Natasha! We hope you have the best day! #oakbay #NatashaWatson”

A blonde adult woman on a swing to the left is next to a young blonde girl in a toddler swing to the right. Both are facing away from the camera. The top and bottom of the photo are out of focus. The swing set is on a paved area, and past that there is grass, which is covered in orange, red, and yellow leaves. There are trees with Autumn coloured leaves on the grass and grey buildings behind them.

Swing Time at the Lunch Hour

Lunchtime with family at the park is the best. Special thanks to these folks for being gracious and posing for me!

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