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Autumn update, professional development, and what to expect from ConnectTherapy™

I’m loving this autumnal spell but how did it get to October! Can’t believe I’ve already had my annual pumpkin spiced latte to say hi to the new weather, and celebrated Thanksgiving with a camping trip up in Strathcona Park, which was freezing cold, beautiful and more freezing cold.

Some of you may recall that I have been taking a course through ConnectTherapy™. I can now say that with 99 course hours, a certificate (this one is definitely getting framed) and a lot of practice under my belt I can call myself a ConnectTherapy graduate. Happiness.

There are many ways I could try to describe what ConnectTherapy is but, to be short and sweet, it’s all in the name. Connect.

We take into consideration the person as a whole and how all the regions of the body interact. Our bodies and minds are capable of amazing things. Everything is linked and bearing that in mind it’s important to consider all of it when assessing and treating. ConnectTherapy gives us a robust framework where this is possible. It provides a method of showing where your right foot pain is stemming from. Is it your foot, your pelvis, your thorax, or maybe even your shoulder? It could be from a dislocation from when you were a teenager.

I’m very excited about my professional development and Dr. LJ Lee herself so please feel welcome to read about it and if you’re looking for more in depth descriptions there’s a great lecture at the bottom of the ConnectTherapy link as well.

Libby and partner taking a selfie in Victoria, BC.