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2017 roundup and happy new year, Victoria!

Wow, here we are at the end of another year! Thank you to all of our amazing clients who continue to inspire us. You’re the reason we push to be the best physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists we can be.

This year I also want to take a moment to express some gratitude for our practitioners for doing a solid job of writing the articles and updates that help us all stay on top of what’s interesting, helpful and new at the clinic, in our industry, and in our community.

Mike Gotuaco wrote about debunking the myths of back pain and also some really interesting and important reflections on the new age of chiropractic care. He also wrote some tips and tricks for shovelling smart and navigating backpacks.

Libby Meakin wrote about weight bias and effective treatment, hiking around Victoria and her professional development experience with ConnectTherapy.

Kristen Bradley did a really nice roundup of yoga poses to help us all counteract our sitting, and Olivia Gerber wrote a very helpful overview to help understand insurance.

Christy Mader wrote about the science behind push-ups, climbing and balanced exercise, and also the importance of water.

We team-published a whole trove of articles ranging from updates to information about Chiropractic care, stories of recovery, news about the science of bodies, interviews with local athletes and, also, local practitioners!

I wrote a race report from my experience at the ITU World Triathlon Championship in Penticton and I also wrote “Nine golden rules for swimming injury prevention.”

But Ashley Fradette wrote the most articles this year of any individual practitioner, tied with Mike and Libby, and we think also that Ashley’s are the most viewed articles of 2017. Nice work Ashley!