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Ergonomics for working from home

  1. Before… notice the arms have to reach forward, shoulders are shrugged and slouched, head is forward and looking down towards the screen, and legs are crossed .
  2. After… I switched the kitchen chair out for an office chair with more support, added an extra pillow for height. Dusted off our wireless keyboard and mouse so that my arms could be at my side with elbows at 90 degrees and forearms level. And added some textbooks (and Balderdash) to bring my screen height up to eye level 👌
Ashley sits slouched at a kitchen chair reaching forward to work on a laptop which sits on a dining room table.
Ashley sits straight on an office chair working on a wireless keyboard connected to a laptop. Her elbows are comfortably at her side, and the laptop is propped up on a stack of books.

Use what you have available to keep your body happy!