Apples and colour leaves rest on a sunny deck.

Happy Labour Day weekend

The long weekend is here and we hope everyone has a good rest and lots of fun and a happy autumn…

In the foreground is a silver gleaming name plaque sitting on a desk that says "Olivia." It is the part in focus. Behind it, and out of focus, is a smiling brown haired woman's head and behind her a bookshelf with yellow files on it.

Team Gratitude

It’s bright and shiny in our clinic today, just like our bright and shiny team!

A woman right of centre has her back to the camera and is running down a road. She is in a black, red, and white "Human Powered Racing" triathlon bodysuit. There are trees on the other side of the road and the sky is clear and blue.

Sandy at Challenge Penticton 2016

We caught Sandy heading out on the second lap of her run at Challenge Penticton.

Christy Mader crushing it on the Boss Wall at Horne Lake

Meet Christy Mader

We sat down with Christy Mader a little while ago to chat about sports, massage therapy, the World Ultimate Frisbee Championship in London and …

A man on the left and a woman on the right both wearing backpacks and red tshirts. They are shoulder to shoulder and smiling widely and the camera. Tall evergreen trees and fog are behind them.

Partners in Adventure

Huge happy birthday to the super-woman 💃 I’ve had the pleasure of sharing most of my adult life with. May your infectious energy and lust for adventure continue to brighten the lives of others and inspire those around you to be the best they can be! Here’s to one more year of fun, and exploration

This is a photo of the arbutus team outside on the grass in front of Willows Beach. It is a sunny day, and they are under a white and light blue arbutus physio tent.

Team BBQ at Willows Beach

We had a summer BBQ with the Arbutus gang at Willows Beach today!

This is a photo of two women and a man standing around a picnic table covered with food and smiling. They are surrounded by green shrubs and the sky is bright.

Arbutus Team BBQ

Big thanks to Red Barn Market for the fantastic burgers and salads for the Arbutus BBQ!

This is a photo of a woman in sunglasses, a white tee shirt, and blue shorts. She is smiling and holding her race number in front of a "Lake Union 10k" back drop. It is a blue clear day.

Seattle Lake Union 10km race, 2016

Great 10k in Seattle today! Thanks Lake Union 10km. I would leap with joy like Sophia Chadwick but master runners tear stuff like that 😜

This is an image of Sophia, who is left of center, jumping and pumping her left fist into the air. She is on a walkway above a pier with ocean and mountains behind her. She is wearing a yellow running tank and black shorts.

Sophia Chadwick in the 2016 Vancouver 1/2 Marathon!

Congratulations to Sophia Chadwick on her time of 1:35 at the half marathon this morning in Vancouver! You rock Sophia! Have a fun time this weekend!

Baseball players warm up at Royal Athletic Park

Persistent, or chronic, pain in athletes

Persistent pain is surprisingly common in athletes. The University of Maryland Medical Center estimate that 5-10% of athletic injuries relate to the low back and a significant amount of these…

A man who is slightly right of centre is smiling widely and wearing a blue and white checked dress shirt. His black hair is combed back. He is standing against a red brick wall, and the Arbutus logo of a blue arrow inside a blue circle is in the upper left corner.

Meet Dr. Mike Gotuaco

Say hi to Dr. Mike Gotuaco, a new member of the Arbutus team! He’s into snowboarding, crossfit, and surfing. He’s also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

A border collie dog stares at the camera, while standing on a rocky outcrop next to blue water, with boats floating in the background.

Happy BC Day!

Best day ever with this pup! #weloveourdog

A photos of a few pairs of feet in athletic shoes on grass, with some athletes and a basketball hoop out of focus in the background.

Friday night basketball

Friday night at the Steve Nash Courts by Crystal Pool! Great to see so many folks out having fun, being active, and using our city parks.

Flowers and gardens in Oak Bay

Five things I love about summer in Oak Bay

There are many reasons to love Oak Bay, but here are a few reasons why Olivia loves Oak Bay in the summertime…

This is a photo of Sandy and Deb in black and red racing tops and shorts. They have their arms around each others shoulders and are standing on green grass. They are both smiling.

Photos from the HPR Whistler Triathlon, 2016

Great day of racing…3rd place age group finish for Deb, 4th for myself in the 2016 Human Powered Racing Triathlon at Whistler! A gorgeous shot from the race morning! Relaxing afternoon at Whistler 70.3 pre-race meeting!

A lake in Whistler, with fog rising and swimmers and boats ready to go.

It’s race morning in Whistler

It’s race morning in Whistler. Good luck athletes! #humanpoweredracing #whistler #triathlon

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