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Sandy Running in great form

10 Golden Rules For Runners

Ten great tips for runners for preventing injuries and a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Hewstan and Rosie Chamberlin treating patients under the Abrutus Physiotherapy & Health Centre tent at the Victoria Youth Triathlon

Complimentary Treatment Post XTERRA Victoria Race

Complimentary Treatment Post XTERRA Victoria Race

The emergency doors at a hospital.

Car Accidents: How To Prevent Injuries And What To Do After the Accident

A great article from the BC Chiropractic Association about spine, nerve and muscle injuries due to car accidents. Find out what you can do to prevent injuries and what to do after the accident…

When to Use Hot Treatment for Sprains and Strains

Ever wonder when you are to apply heat to injuries? Here is some great information from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association on what treatment to use on sprains and strains…

When to Use Cold Treatment for Sprains and Strains

If used correctly following an injury or when beginning a rehabilitation or exercise program, hot and cold can help to reduce pain, assist with tissue healing, control swelling, and increase flexibility. BUT if used incorrectly, however, they can also worsen an injury or slow recovery times. Use caution when engaging in activities shortly after applying heat or cold since both may affect muscle and nerve performance as well as your ability to perceive pain or determine your normal limits.

Tips on Bike Fitting

Great bike fit tips to ensure a longer, more enjoyable riding and what to do for cycling aches, pains and injuries.

A woman lifts her baby into the air.

Spinal Health Week

By http://www.spinalhealthweek.ca/ Your spine is important to your daily health. In addition to 24 bone joints that allow the body to bend and move, your spine is also home to your spinal cord which effectively connects all of the organs, muscles and other tissues to the brain.  Without a healthy spine, not only might you

Two X-ray images of a right foot, from top and side, with a hot spot diagram to the right.

Protect against ‘pops’ and ‘rolls’

Without proper rehabilitation, the ankle will remain unstable. The ankle is more susceptible to injury because the ligaments did not…

A mother helps her children put on their back packs.

Carrying Tips

Our upcoming carrying tips are for you to consider when carrying a heavy load to…

Arbutus Physiotherapy has a new location

Big news at Arbutus Physiotherapy

We’re excited to announce Arbutus Physiotherapy will be moving to a new location…