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A close up of purple flowers amid green grass. They are in bloom with bright orange centers. There is also a white flower to the right.

Victoria in Bloom

Good things happen on midday walks.

A purple Patsy Cline record with her photo on the right showing her with short curly brown hair, smiling, and in a black beaded dress. On the left is the name of the record "In the Care of the Blues." The record is on an angle standing on its bottom left corner in a wooden case.

Mood: Patsy Cline

Mood. Music at Discovery Coffee is always great for me.

The bottom half of the photo is a rocky space that is black because the sky above and behind it is a bright blue with white clouds, and this brightness is casting the rocky space into shadow. At the top of this rocky hill are the silhouettes of four people. Two are sitting to the left beside each other. There is also an adult sized person in the center with the silhouette of a small person being held on their hip.

Silhouettes in Victoria Harbour

Oh, big skies and tender moments!

Libby, a woman with dark hair and a green coat, and Sandy, a woman with blonde hair and a black coat, are standing indoors on either side of a sign that has a photo of a field with cows and over that it says "Locals Supporting Locals." Both women are smiling.

Welcome Red Barn Market!

Excited about our new neighbours! Welcome Red Barn Market!

The focus is a fountain, which is lit up with red, and it is to the left. In the background and slightly out of focus is the BC Legislature. This is a large grey stone building with a teal metal roof. It is also lit up with white lights. The sky behind the Legislature is grey with dark clouds.

Happy February First Folks!

The days are getting longer friends! Happy February!

A bouquet of yellow and red tulips in a glass vase, which we see only the top of, set against a white background. Slightly left of center is the focus of the picture, which is a yellow blossoming tulip. It is sticking out from the others and bent to that the center of the flower is facing the camera. It is bright yellow with a small patch of red on each petal.

Sunday Flowers

These flowers!

A photo looking up at the front of a Red Bard Market. The camera is to the left of the facade. A red barn sign near the top says "Red Barn Market" and below that it says "Your Everyday Specialty Store. The rest of the front is light brown with red trim on the inside of the door and the windows on either side. The sky in the background is grey.

New Neighbours: Coming Soon!

Looking good Red Barn! We’re very excited about this!

Four adults (three women and a man) and a young boy (second from the left) with their arms around each other and smiling. They are all in running gear with race numbers pinned to them. Only the boy and the man (second from the right) don't have visible numbers. Behind them is a forest and they are standing on the edge of a road.

Cobble Hill 10k, 2016

Cobble Hill 10k with my team. Benny was our cheerleader!

A woman from the chest up is wearing a grey hoodie smiling just slightly with her mouth closed and looking slightly left of the camera. She is in a room with light grey walls and there is a back back on a treatment bed behind her.

Instaville: Meet Libby!

Welcome to Instaville, Libby Meakin (@libby.meakin)!

Two photos one on top of the other of slightly different views looking from a mossy covered rock out crop across the harbour and towards downtown. In the top photo the tall buildings of downtown are clearer. In the bottom there is a rock standing in the forefront and less of downtown. In both the sky is blue with white clouds and the sun is gleaming off the water.

Choose to Move: Victoria Harbour

Nice day for a run, er… walk.

On the left side is an image of a green bike in a brown room propped up on black plastic stands for its tires so that it can be used as a stationary bike. On the right is a photo of a woman on the green bike who is biking on the road on a sunning day with green trees behind her.

West Coast Winter Triathlon Training

Winter rain means more hours training inside (left)… and dreaming about racing (right).

Looking down on the harbour, which is full of sailboats, from a higher vantage point. The boats are silhouettes because the sun is setting in the distance behind them. The same goes for the buildings on the opposite side of the water. The sky is orange on the horizon line, and fades to light blue near the top.

Weekend Victoria Views

What a sunset! Thanks for a fantastic weekend, Victoria!

A small black and white dog is looking at the camera from the left and standing on the grass beside a sidewalk. On the right are a pair of legs, which we can see up to the upper thigh. In the background is a light sky and there are also some evergreen trees.

Choose to Move: Finn the Dog

Late afternoon neighbourhood walks. So good. Dogs are basically exercise coaches, right?

This is a compilation of 16 photos which have been described in their own posts that have been brought together in 4 rows of four. They are the photos from 2015 posts.

Happy 2016!

Thank you Victoria, from our hearts, for an awesome year. Happy New Year, and best wishes everyone!

A close up of a brown reed or stem in a field of similar plants frosted over with a thick layer of snow and ice. The whole field is likewise snowy, and the rising sun is shining through leafless trees in the distance.

Happy Solstice

A change of scenery can be very restful. Happy Solstice folks!

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