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A man on a bike in black pants and a dress shirt is leaning his right elbow on a steel railing and holding a cell phone to his ear with his right hand. The other hand is on the handle bars of the bike. He has sunglasses on. Behind him is a body of water with trees on the other side. The sky is blue with white streaks of cloud.

Friday Night Bikes

Friday evening on the horse. Thanks Jay Vand! Have a good weekend everyone!

A woman standing to the right is the focus and we can see from the chest up. The right half of her face is visible, and she has cream coloured glasses, short blonde hair, and pursed lips. She looks 60 to 70 years old. She right arm takes up the left half of the photo and is flexed. Out of focus behind her is a red awning with the Arbutus logo of an arrow in a circle printed on it in white. The sky is blue and clear.

The MVPs

Here’s to the people who are athletes in the context of their own lives. They race. They lift. They go the distance. They’re MVPs. They don’t always get the medals we think they deserve. Their careers are marked by highs and lows, injuries and recoveries. And they never retire. Because love. And winning. And playing.

Looking down on a large open paved area with red umbrellas open on the bottom left, three runners in light blue shirts above center on the right, and then blue ocean at the top after the edge of the paved space. It looks bright and sunny, although the sky is not in the photo.

Runners Unite

Sunny day at the harbour!

A man in a blue tshirt and a helment biking over damp rocks towards the camera with the sun shining through some thin trees behind him.

Heartland Bike Park

They say the closer you are to death the more alive you feel. Few things in this world make me feel more alive than riding bikes!

Looking down a water way with mountains in the distance, tall evergreen trees on both sides, and a paved walk way on the left. The sky is light pink with the sun behind the trees to the left, and then near the top of the photo the sky is more of a grey and blue mix.

Paddlers Unite

Stunning evening for a paddle!

A woman to the left and a man on a silver ladder to the right are both wearing matching blue long sleeved shirts and tying up a yellow canoe. There are a stack of tied up canoes in the background as well, and we get a glimpse of a glass walled building behind those other boats.

UVic Vikes: Tying Up the Season

It’s the last race of the season, and you think it’s all done, but you have to tie up the hulls. Congratulations UVic Vikes on a great season!

Against a black night sky is an arrangement of lit up cubes stacked on top of one another. They range in colour from yellow, to white, to pink, to blue. There are about 15 in the photo.

Public Art: Think Cubes

Interactive public art makes me happy! Check out these Think Cubes from Monkey C Interactive!

A stretch of green grass is in the foreground, and it meets a paved path which cuts across the photo horizontally slightly below center. There are two people who are silhouettes walking on the path and a black dog running ahead of them. Past the path in the background is the ocean, and the sun is setting to the right. Above the setting sun the clouds are swirling and a mix of blues, purples, and greys.

West Coast, Best Coast: Dallas Road

Great time for a run, a stroll, a dog walk, or a roller blade!

Taken looking upwards at a brown furry cat who is touching its nose with its pink tongue. It has bright green eyes. The sky behind the car is clear and bright blue.

Taste the Sunshine: Cats of Victoria

Everyone loves a sunny afternoon!

A woman's face and left shoulder take up the left of the photo. She is smiling, wearing black and white sunglasses, and a white helmet. Behind her is another woman who is on a bike in a light blue jacket and white helmet. They are on a road with trees on either side, and the sky is bright and light grey behind them.

Training Ride with Sophia and Sandy

Throw back to a weekend ride. After a busy day at the clinic on Saturday, Sophia and clinic owner Sandy took advantage of the sunny weather and headed out for a 3 hour training ride!

In focus are two white flowers in bloom, which are growing on a branch covered with small green leaves. Out of focus in the background is an array of the same branches and leaves, which are set against a clear blue sky.

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

This photo is from the gardens at the Horticultural Centre on Quayle Road!

A group of people in blue and white jerseys standing on a green field with tall evergreen trees behind them. In front of them are three poles with hoops standing on the top. The two outer ones are the same height, and the center one is the tallest.

Quidditch Warm-Up

Quidditch team warming up at the start of practice! It’s so awesome what folks do to keep active. Triathlons just aren’t for everyone – and there are so many other choices!

In the foreground there is a large bush of broom, which is a plant with small bright yellow flowers and dark green foliage. Past the brook is a large expanse of ocean with a large tanker ship in the center in the distance. On the other side of the water there is a snow covered mountain range. The sky is dark and grey.

Olympic Mountains: A Snowy Sight

There’s some fresh snow on the Olympic mountains today.

There are three photos here, and they all show individuals climbing a white wall attached with harnesses and ropes, with red and blue handholds. The top one and the one on the bottom left show adult women. The bottom right shows a young boy in a red tshirt.

Choose to Move: Crag X

Throw back to the weekend! Mya, Veronica and Max showing how to mix it up a little.

An apartment building with the sun behind it casting it in shadow and making it a silhouette. The photo is taken looking up at the apartment building. The sky is blue with white streaky clouds. There is a white line diagram in the shape of a diamond edited onto the photo on the left.

Finding the Shade in Sunny Victoria

Feeling the heat of the sun also means feeling the cool of the shade.

A man on the left in a black sweater and black tuque is working on purple bicycle, which is oriented with its front close up to the camera. It is taken indoors.

Bikes Need TLC Too!

Tune up time! Some bikes are just for weekend cruising.

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