A surfer, a chiropractic surfer, walks out of the water with his surfboard.

A new age of health science and chiropractic care

I have only being in practice for a couple years, but some of my patients have reported that they’ve had a bad experience seeing a chiropractor. Some common themes that arise are the long term treatment plans and …

Meet Sarai Goodwin, registered massage therapist

We had the good fortune of sitting down with Sarai (pronounced like hurray) Goodwin this summer to talk about life, massage therapy, travelling, swimming in the ocean and existence as a single mother…

Athletes racing and training at the Penticton 2017 ITU Multisport World Championships Festival

Have a great race at the ITU Long Course World Championships in Penticton 2017

Sandy Wilson and Fawn Whiting are both at the ITU Long Course World Championships in Penticton tomorrow! Whiting is racing for Canada on the elite team. And Mike Neill and many of the Human Powered Racing athletes will…

A foggy summer day, with a view through some trees over the water of Maple Bay, and a large island across the water.

Relaxing by Maple Bay

The long weekend lingering still, what adventures will this upcoming weekend bring?

CRD map of trails and accessibility in the Great Victoria area.

User friendly trails in the Greater Victoria area

The trails cover Greater Victoria meaning you won’t have to go far. Trail maps are all included showing elevation profile, benches available to rest and…

A swimmer takes a breath during the front crawl in a pool between lanes.

Nine golden rules for swimming injury prevention

Swimming is awesome. Compared to other sports, swimming has a relatively low risk of injury.

However, the most common body part injured while swimming

This is an image of Cowichan lake with clear, still water. The sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and been hills to the left.

Camping at Cowichan Lake 2017

That weekend camping trip to Cowichan Lake in the company of good friends and dipping our toes into all too cold lake water!

This is a photo of a young woman with short white hair who is smiling in a bright courtyard-like space.

Meet Sarai

Have you met Sarai (pronounced like hurray)? She’s the newest RMT on our team and we’re lucky to be working with her! You can also find her at @sarairmt!

A massage therapist presses and holds the trapezius muscles around a patients back and neck.

Eight reasons why I love massage therapy

Very occasionally I’ll meet someone who isn’t really into massage, and when this happens I resist the impulse to frown and explain why they’re deeply …

This is a photo of a man with a beard and sunglasses having just thrown a basket ball which is not in the photo. His arms are still raised having just released the ball, and he is leaning back. He is shirtless and in black shorts. It is a clear, sunny day.

Summer pick-up ball game

Summer pick up ball in Esquimalt! Thank you for the awesome photo @stpaul1221!

Golden light on the arbutus trees, with the water of Thetis Lake shining in the background.

Golden hour at Thetis Lake

Hope you’re all enjoying these sweet summer nights!

Triathlon of Compassion, in support of VSAC, 2017

Triathlon of Compassion, 2017

The Triathlon of Compassion has finished for another year and the race results are posted. Over thirty thousand dollars were raised on behalf of the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre (VSAC) this year…

This is a photo of a man in a while t-shirt massaging the legs of a young athlete who is lying face down on the massage bed. They are outside under a white and light blue tent. It looks like a warm day.

Mike at the 2017 Tri of Compassion

Dr. Mike Gotuaco giving treatments at the Tri of Compassion today. Good work all participants, volunteers and the organizers, @triofcompassion. What a beautiful day to support an essential community organization, Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.

This is a photo with a smiling man on the left in a red shirt and black cap smiling, and a little girl with a pink shirt in the middle looking shy and tucking in against the woman on the right who is wearing a long black and white shirt with black shorts and also smiling.

Supporting VSAC 2017

It was a great day participating at a community race that supports the essential community service that is the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. Sport is community. Thanks Human Powered Racing!

This is a photo at sunset looking down the Gorge (a river) with silhouettes of trees on either side of the walter, which is picking up the warm orange of the setting sun.

Solstice at the Gorge, 2017

Happy solstice friends! We hope this season is bringing you the health and activity and energy you want. The gorge is a beautiful place to train, picnic, walk, roll, paddle, or swim.

A smiling selfie taken by Mae and Olivia outside at carfreeday Victoria, with crowds of people visible in the background.

Happy Car Free Day!

Car Free Day means it’s also time to say Happy Father’s Day! It may not have been sunny but Olivia and Mae still had a good day: food, entertainment, mass amounts of the Victoria community out to celebrate alternatives to driving. Trying to walk more? Check out our series of walking tips!    

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