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Three women in office attire standing shoulder to shoulder with their arms around each other in an office with grey walls and white trim around the ceiling. They are all smiling at the camera.

Connecting in the Calm

A rare sight in the clinic is three practitioners in the same room at once. Enjoying the calm the weekend brings!

This is a photo of a woman with shoulder length brown hair smiling and lying on her stomach on a narrow bed while another woman with her hair pulled back treats her ankle.

We get treatments too!

Proof that our practitioners get shockwave therapy treatments too – Ashley being treated by Fawn!  

This is a photo of a young woman with short white hair who is smiling in a bright courtyard-like space.

Meet Sarai

Have you met Sarai (pronounced like hurray)? She’s the newest RMT on our team and we’re lucky to be working with her! You can also find her at @sarairmt!

This is a photo of two women in an office flexing both their arms upwards. One is sitting behind a desk, and the other is standing beside it. Both are smiling.

Being rad at the clinic this September

Just another day at the clinic, being rad. #partylikeaphysio

In the foreground is a silver gleaming name plaque sitting on a desk that says "Olivia." It is the part in focus. Behind it, and out of focus, is a smiling brown haired woman's head and behind her a bookshelf with yellow files on it.

Team Gratitude

It’s bright and shiny in our clinic today, just like our bright and shiny team!

This is a photo of the arbutus team outside on the grass in front of Willows Beach. It is a sunny day, and they are under a white and light blue arbutus physio tent.

Team BBQ at Willows Beach

We had a summer BBQ with the Arbutus gang at Willows Beach today!

This is a photo of two women and a man standing around a picnic table covered with food and smiling. They are surrounded by green shrubs and the sky is bright.

Arbutus Team BBQ

Big thanks to Red Barn Market for the fantastic burgers and salads for the Arbutus BBQ!

A man who is slightly right of centre is smiling widely and wearing a blue and white checked dress shirt. His black hair is combed back. He is standing against a red brick wall, and the Arbutus logo of a blue arrow inside a blue circle is in the upper left corner.

Meet Dr. Mike Gotuaco

Say hi to Dr. Mike Gotuaco, a new member of the Arbutus team! He’s into snowboarding, crossfit, and surfing. He’s also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.